From birth to death, the Church seeks to provide support to those in need, providing guidance, encouragement, direction, and comfort in times of joy and sorrow. In any time of difficulty, a call to the Church can be an excellent step to mobilizing the pastoral support that can be provided.

Memorial gardenBereavement

The Bereavement Committee supports the families of those who have died. They assist in organizing receptions for requiems (funerals), and also help to provide pastoral care for families during the planning process after a loved one has died.

Smiling parishionersPastoral Visitors

Licensed visitors are trained by the St. Thomas clergy and licensed by the Bishop of Central Florida to bring Holy Communion to shut ins and others who are unable to come to mass at Church themselves. If you cannot come to St. Thomas, St. Thomas must come to you!

To request home communion be brought to you, please contact the parish office.

Clergy Visitations

The rector is always available to visit anyone who is in any form of need, and will also make arrangements to visit with parishioners simply to get to know them, and better be able to provide for them in the future. To arrange a meeting with or visit from the Rector, please contact the parish office.